Some Digital Marketing Projects We’ve Worked On

At Kifaru Solutions, we help tell your brand story to your target audience through digital marketing solutions. Here are some stories we have told through website development, SEO services, content creation and more.

Featured project

Oakdel – A Digital Success Story

The Oakdel team approached us with a vision, and we made it reality – a killer website, an integrated WooCommerce store, an SEO strategy that rocks, and content that captivates all-in-one.

Guess what happened? In just three months, we turned 0 organic traffic into a whopping 6,000+ monthly visitors! Today, Oakdel enjoys a steady stream of 10+ daily leads. Fast forward five months, and most of their key keywords are chilling in Google’s top three search result positions.

We didn’t just build; we sculpted an online empire. We kept Oakdel’s team in the loop every step of the way, making this journey as exciting for them as it was for us. Check out these screenshots – that’s the kind of magic you get when dreams meet strategy.

SEO service success story
SEO services in kenya results

This Can Be Your Success Story Too

We can also help you tell your brand story to your target audience and increase leads – time to make the move.

Other Projects We Have Worked On

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Home Scape website development
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